Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser Review

Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser Review Brushing and flossing teeth is a good oral care ritual that will keep cavities and plaque away. However, brushing and flossing alone may not be enough. Some unreachable areas, like when you have braces, a retainer or implants, are not spared from the accumulation of food particles and, as a consequence when left unattended, the progression could lead to cavities. You do not need to reach such an unwanted point when you have a handy and reliable water flosser with you. And when it comes to water flossers, the Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser will give you a run for your money.


  • Advanced flosser technology
  • 360 degree rotating tip
  • Water capacity of 120 seconds
  • Enhanced pressure performance – 0 to 100 PSI with 1400 pulses per min
  • Water pressure gradually adjustable
  • Handle with water pause button
  • Smart & quiet operation
  • 5 Jet Tips
  • Item weight: 2 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 5.6 in x 5.1 in x 8.3 in


The main benefit of having a Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser of your own is its advanced pressure control system paired with its gradual settings. This feature gives the flosser the edge because most water flossers only have a certain number of settings you can choose from and when picked they immediately shoot out power according to your pick.

With the gradual setting, your teeth and gums will not be subjected to an immediate change of pressure; instead, they will get used to the gradual increase or decrease of pressure. Furthermore, the flosser offers a high water capacity that can last up to 120 seconds at one go. This will allow you to finish the cleaning cycle faster and at one attempt. When you have to stop the water irrigator in the middle of your flossing for any reason at all, the handle has a pause button to do just that so no water and power are unnecessarily wasted. Also, it bears noting that the Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser has 360-degree flossing tips.

The water flossing alone will do a good job of getting rid of stuck food particles and bacteria by reaching the crevices of your mouth that are not easily accessible for your toothbrush and string floss. The 360-degree rotating tips will maximize that capacity two-fold. This is especially significant for those with retainers and braces because there are areas bound not to be reachable such as those between the teeth and beneath the braces and retainers.

If food particles cannot be taken out by a toothbrush, string floss or water floss, the rotating tips will fix the problem. The Dentalski DS-600w has plenty of flossing tips to work with – five tips to be exact. Using the Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser will get rid of 99.9% of plaque from cleaned areas. It is also twice more effective than the string floss you are used to. An advantage for the Dentalski DS-600w that it runs on a smart and quiet operation. Because of the smart quality, the performance of the device is to be noted. The noiseless operation can be a big difference for those who are annoyed by the sound.

As a bonus to customers, the water flosser also comes with a tip storage case that will ensure the tips are clean and complete, and ready for use anytime you need them. And for every purchaser’s full satisfaction, the Dentalski DS-600w offers a satisfaction guarantee for 30 days from purchase.


There were also negative issues raised about the Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser. Like other devices, there are some leak issues with this particular flosser. The device does not feel well-made because the water reservoir is made of thin material and does not seem to be strong. Others thought that the Dentalski DS-600w was not long lasting and durable. Others would report that the motor and pump are small and light which is not a good combination if you aim for a durable device to use. The noise can be heard but at a tolerable level when used at the highest pressure level compared to others.


The Dentalski DS-600w Professional Water Flosser is a water irrigator that gets the job done, although not as good as other leading water flossers. When you buy this water flosser, you get your money’s worth. However, the reported negative issues should be considered carefully first before going through with the purchase.  


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