How Do I Properly Floss?

We have to take care of our bodies. This includes regular exercise to take care of your body physically, and also eating healthy. It is very important for us to be aware of what we are doing with our bodies, as we are blessed with only one. If you want to live a long life it is important to know the steps to take in order to ensure your health for a long happy life.

One of the most important things that we often overlook as we get older is dental care. Taking care of your teeth is incredibly important for both social and professional reasons. It is known that people with a full set of teeth and a bright white smile, feel more confident and excel more in the workforce. There is something special about having a winning smile, but even more importantly, our teeth are very important to enjoy a healthy life.

Many of us late in life will need dental implants because they of neglect with dental care. Implants are costly, without any dental insurance, this will also be painful on the pocket. However, it is all avoidable as long as you take the steps NOW to get the best dental floss and toothbrush possible, and take the time in your day to properly floss and brush your teeth.

correct floss methods

Flossing Your Teeth

Notice how we put flossing before brushing your teeth. This is very important as there are many people who solely focus on brushing their teeth, rather than realize that flossing should be part of the process. This is a common mistake as we are taught from a young age how important brushing is, but not how important dental flossing really is. Most of the food that we eat will get caught between our teeth. This leads to food particles decaying in our mouth and bad breath and an awful appearance of your teeth.

It is important that you floss twice a day (once in the morning and once at night) to really take care of your teeth. This is going to do wonders for your dental health, especially strengthening your gums. It is gum strength that is actually going to prevent your teeth from falling out and allow your teeth to be strong right up until you are a senior.

Today, we are going to be looking at a variety of the floss methods and how you can properly floss every day. We will also explore floss methods, and the different dental tools you can buy to prolong the health in your mouth.

How You Should Floss

There are so many ways that people can floss and various types of floss that you can choose from in order to remove food particles from between your teeth.

The first type of floss we are going to taking about is the unwaxed dental floss that usually comes in the standard package that dentist gives you. It is this kind of dental floss that you simply can hold between your hands and work between the individual teeth to get every area to get all of the food out. By doing this it ensures that all the food that the brush could not get is now on the floss itself. We recommend that you wash the floss out with water as you go along.

One of the best dental flosses on the market, is the GUM dental floss. GUM is a fantastic company that manufactures products that are going to enhance the strength of your gums and provide a deep clean. This is going to help you a lot to get the best cleaning session that you can have.

The Best Flosser Methods Of Cleaning

While the normal “string” flossing method does its job, it is not the most thorough way to clean between teeth. One method that you need to look at is a dental Waterpik. This is also called a dental irrigator or a dental water flosser. A water flosser uses water pressure to clean between the teeth, rather than string. It is the best way to get the most thorough possible cleaning of the teeth, as the pressure of the water pushes food that has been caught.

It is able to clean the crevasses in the teeth that would normally go uncleaned. It also provides a satisfied clean feeling the mouth, once you are finished using it. Just like regular floss, you simply have to aim the flosser at each individual tooth, holding it there for a few seconds before moving on.


With these two floss methods, it is going to change the way your teeth look and feel. Flossing is integral to the overall lifespan of your teeth and gum health, Regular flossing will help prevent any decay and gingivitis.

We highly recommend that you flossing at least once a day, many dentists will recommend you floss twice a day, just to ensure you are getting the best oral care.


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