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What is a Professional Water Flosser?

A professional water flosser is an oral irrigator or appliance that flashes a thin stream of water through pressurized and pulsating mechanisms facilitated by a motor and pump. It is also known as a water pick.

When the stream of water is aimed between the teeth or below the gum line, it works in two ways: to massage the gums and to get rid of stuck food particles and bacteria between and around the teeth.

With the motor and the pump of the water flosser, the water is taken from the water reservoir of the flosser, passed through the hose, and released into the mouth from the flosser tips. Before, we only saw dental irrigators in dental clinics.

However, with the increase of consciousness and emphasis on oral care, many professional water flossers have been made to be suitable for home use.

At this stage, it is good to emphasize that a water flosser is not a replacement for toothbrushes and string dental floss. Rather, it is a supplement to the first and second methods of taking care of one’s oral cavity.

The use of a water flosser can be equated as the third line of defense that will get rid of plaque or food particles that were missed or overlooked by the brushing of teeth and flossing with string floss thereafter.

If you want a holistic and extensive oral care routine, start with brushing, follow up with flossing using the usual string floss, and finish it with a professional water flossers.

Although brushing and string flossing usually do the work fine, there are several instances when the use of a water flosser is preferred and highly recommended. For example, those with implants, retainers and braces, have certain portions of the teeth which cannot be brushed or flossed.

Here, water flossing performs very well for the pressurized stream of water may pass between the teeth and underneath the braces and retainers as well as other hard to reach areas. Also, the use of a water flosser is recommended for those who have gums that bleed when subjected to string flossing.

A water floss has a gentle way of getting rid of plaque without resulting in bleeding gums. Furthermore, there are water flossers that feature a massage capacity which is a nice feature that helps in maintaining gum health.