SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser Review

SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser

Using a water flosser in your home to complete your oral routine will help a lot in increasing your oral health and maintaining it. When your toothbrush and string floss fail to complete the job, you could use a supplemental device to finish it such as a water flosser.

However, most water flossers are not portable and are good if you only need it at home. But what happens when you have to travel and you need to be away from your place for quite some time?

Do you entirely stop using a water flosser and leave the job to the toothbrush and string floss? Well, you need not have to do that with SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser.


  • 3 pressure operation modes – 40 to 90 PST with 1900 pulses/ minute
  • LED indication
  • 45 water capacity
  • Dual design – easier refill of water
  • Pearly white color
  • Rechargeable built-in Li-on batteries
  • Waterproof
  • Low noise operation
  • Auto shut off after 2 minutes
  • High Capacity Water Tank
  • 4 jet tips
  • Shipping weight: 1.1 lbs.


One major attribute of the SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser that sets it apart from most water flosser available in the market is its cordless feature. This is an attribute that makes the device portable and movable anywhere you go and makes it available anytime you want to use it.

The cordless feature makes it more convenient for users. The Li-on batteries that power this water flosser adds up to its portability and you do not need to look for an electric outlet, which is not always available in every place you go, just to use you water irrigator.

And because the batteries built into power the water flosser are Li-on batteries, you can expect more power and longer battery life from the device. It is cost effective because you do not need to buy a replacement battery every time power runs low.

The SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser also offers three pressure operation modes which can run between 40 to 90 PSI with 1900 pulses per minute. It is furthermore designed to be waterproof – a feature most necessary since the device is almost always exposed to water.

It is also fashioned to be operating without noise which is a breath of fresh air from the usual noisy water flosser when operating. It likewise helps that the device is not complicated to use; rather it is user-friendly with its LED indicators.

And to give its users spare tips, the purchase of this water flosser also comes with an additional three flosser tips.

When it comes to the maintenance of the SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser, there will not be any difficulties. With the water flosser’s dual design, you can make refilling of water into the device easy. That tank is made to have a high capacity which allows the device to have 45 seconds of water capacity.

Batteries are not unnecessarily drained or wasted when the water flosser is left turned on but unattended because the device has an automatic shut-off after two minutes of non-use. This will help lengthen the battery life of your water flosser.


The SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser may sound like the perfect cordless water flosser but it gathered some customer’s feedback that needs to be considered first before purchasing.

There was some mention about water leakage because the cover of the reservoir and the seal fell off after months of use. The durability and long service life of the product were also questioned by some feedback.

Also, when the high power is being used the usual 45 seconds of water capacity is cut short and instead falls somewhere around 15 to 25 seconds. Others may think this is too short and too fast to complete a cleaning cycle.

The highest mode, the pulse mode, is too strong for some and may not be suitable for delicate gums. And finally, you have to hold the tool upright so that the suction tube can draw the water out; otherwise, it is somewhat difficult for the device to work.


When you need a traveling water flosser to bring with you, the SmarToiletries Professional Cordless Water Flosser is a good choice to have. There are some negatives with the products, which necessitate careful consideration on the part of the purchasers, but the feedback or the issues raised are mostly with the little number of purchases.


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